COVID Safety Measures

Reflections has put the following safety protocols into place:

  • The waiting room is closed. No parents or siblings are allowed into the studio. There is no class viewing. The studio’s front door will remain closed. All patrons and students must wear a mask and ring a doorbell to gain entry. Once the door is opened, a no-touch temperature check will take place. If the temperature is 99.4 or below, the student will be allowed access. If the temperature is above 99.6, the student must go home.
  • Upon entry, each student will sanitize their hands and wait to enter the dance room.
  • Once they enter the dance room, they will put their stuff 6 feet apart on designated markers. They will change into their dance clothes, take off their mask, and wait for the teacher to give them their “floor spots”, which are also 6 feet apart.
  • The dance room is equipped with 2 TRUE HEPA medical grade filters, and will be disinfected with a sanitizing mist between every class.
  • If a student needs to use the restroom, they must put their mask back on and sanitize their hands again when finished.
  • Students will be dismissed one at a time, in their masks. Teachers will wear their masks for the duration of their classes and will not make contact with any students.