The Fine Print

Reflections has been in business for more than 30 years. Part of that success is due to our strict adherence to the below policies. The Fine Print may not be the most exciting read, but we urge you to read the below in its entirety to fully understand Reflections’ rules, policies and expectations.


Registration Fee and Recital Fee

Reflections’ Registration Fee is a one-time annual fee of $55.00 per-student payable upon registration. There is also a $65 Recital Fee, payable upon registration that is applied towards our dress rehearsal costs. This fee is in efforts of keeping our ticket prices stable.

Holiday Showcase

Each year, Reflections soloists, duets, trios, and selected groups are asked to perform at  our annual Holiday Showcase. This year’s celebration will be held at the Madrid Theatre on Sunday, November 29th, 2015.

All students performing in the Holiday Showcase must attend dress rehearsal. Dress rehearsal for the Showcase is usually held the same day as the performance, and students should keep that entire day free. Unfortunately, if a student is not present at dress rehearsal, they will not be permitted to perform.

Tickets for our Holiday Showcase are $20.00 each.Ticket requirements are as follows:

  • Those performing a solo, duet, trio are required to purchase 10 tickets.
  • Siblings are also required to purchase 10 tickets.
  • Students only participating in groups are required to purchase 5 tickets.
  • Cards run for the amount due on 10/31/15.

We strive to create team spirit and encourage our families and students to support each other. For this reason, all Reflections families are required to purchase two tickets for this performance. Credit cards for these two tickets will be run with November tuition.


Tuition is divided into 10 equal, monthly payments regardless of the amount of weeks in the month. May and June tuition is due in May without exception. Tuition is payable on the first day of each month. If you’ve authorized Reflections to run your credit card automatically, credit cards will be charged on the first. If the first of the month falls on a Sunday, cards will be run on the last day of the previous month. Tuition varies depending on how many classes a student is taking. See our Prices page for more information.

Trial Classes

Trial Classes are $20.00 per-student. The $20.00 class fee will be applied to that student’s registration fee only if the student registers the same day the trial class is taken.

Make Up Classes

If a student is sick or unable to attend their regular class(es) for any reason, we encourage them to take a make up class.  However, make up classes must be taken within the same month of the absence.

Dress Code

Specific dancewear is required for all Reflections students, and dancewear varies per class. Please see our Dress Code for more information. Coming soon, you’ll be able to purchase your dancewear directly through the Reflections website. Until then, please see the receptionist to purchase your child’s shoes and dancewear.


Reflections prides itself on the professional-level costumes our students don at each performance. Costume deposits are $50.00 per-costume due on Monday, October 12th, 2015. Costume balances are due Monday, November 16th, 2015. Once you have paid a costume deposit, you are fully responsible for the remaining costume balance. There is a $15.00 late fee for each week after November 16 that costume balances are not paid in full. There may also be additional shipping charges per-costume. We’ll do all we can, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that you will receive your costumes in time for Reflections’ Picture Day.


Reflections 2016 Recital will take place on June 4 at Pepperdine University. All students performing in the recital must attend dress rehearsal. Unfortunately, if a student is not present at dress rehearsal, they will not be permitted to perform in the recital.

Tickets are $25.00 each and every person in attendance must have a ticket. Ticket requirements are as follows for all RID students:

  • 1 student is responsible to purchase 5 tickets.
  • Siblings are responsible to purchase 8 tickets.
  • Company students are responsible for purchasing 10 tickets.

Tickets are available first come first serve and will go on sale for our 2016 Recital on Saturday, April 23rd, from 10 am to 1 pm. While we support buying with your friends, each Reflections family is responsible for picking up their own tickets.

We have yet to confirm the date for our 2017 Recital, but Reflections’ Recitals are usually held on a weekend in late May or June. We’ll announce this date as soon as possible, so please check back before booking vacations in that time frame.

Picture Day

Reflections conducts an annual Picture Day  for all Reflections students to be photographed in their dance costumes and dance costume accessories. At Picture Day, students have the opportunity to have professional, individual dance photos and headshots taken. While individual photos are optional, Reflections requires that every student be in attendance for group photos.


At each recital, Reflections presents each family with a journal that documents the event as well as each student’s journey to reach the recital. Please ask our receptionist if you would like to see past journals. Families are invited to purchase space in the journal to commemorate your student’s success. In addition, each Company student family is required to take a minimum of one ad in our journal for their student. Company member ads must be either a half or full page. Students who sell the most half and/or full-page ads, exceeding a minimum of 5, will receive an additional full-page ad for free. Class photos cannot be submitted as a Company Member’s ad, but can be submitted additionally. Company student’s credit cards will be charged on Monday, May 9th  for journal ads.


This section only pertains to our competing Company students. In the weeks leading up to a competition, it may be required (and should be expected) that Company students attend extra rehearsals.  We encourage company students to check the dates on their Company Calendar and make the necessary arrangements to ensure attendance at each  rehearsal. Students who fail to comply may not be permitted to compete. The decision to remove a student from a competing dance will be at at the teachers’ discretion.

Sorry, No Refunds

Reflections’ registration fee, recital fee, costume deposit, costume balances, ticket sales (including for Holiday Showcase and Recital), specialty numbers, solos, private lessons, and other Reflections fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

45-Minute Rule

If an hour-long class has four students or less, the class may be shortened to 45 minutes.