Class Descriptions


Reflections offers technique classes as a way for dancers to strengthen all aspects of their dancing. These classes work on strength and balance to perfect tricks, jumps and turns.

Jazz, Ballet and Tap

A combination class to give beginner dancers training in the syncopated and percussive rhythms of tap as well as in the strength, control and extensions of ballet and jazz.

Solos and Specialties

While it is always possible to contact Reflections about private lessons, solos and specialties are invitation-only and usually are for the purpose of specific performances and/or competitions. A “specialty” is our way of saying an advanced dance in which the choreographer chooses the dancers that he or she wishes to work with. Specialties can be large or small, and range in styles. Reflections specialties and choreographers differ from year to year, but are consistently recognized at regional and national dance competitions.

Company Choreography

An invite only class for our company students. Company choreography is the designated time during which we work on our competitive group routines.

Mommy and Me

At Mommy and Me classes, you can play, bond, and move with your baby and toddler. An instructor will lead the class in song and simple movement to introduce your child to dance.

Something Else?

Looking for something that isn’t listed above? Want a particular class but it isn’t offered for the age range you need? Let us know! If four or more people show interest, we’ll start a class for it.