Class Descriptions


Contemporary dance integrates strength, flexibility and tricks (turns, jumps and floor work) with musicality. Originally informed by classical, modern and jazz styles, today it incorporates elements from many styles of dance. From flowing choreography to sharp and quick isolations, contemporary dance covers a wide range of movement.


Feel unease when not upside down? We have just the cure. Flexibility, contortion and gymnastics are mixed with the artistry and lyricism of dance in Reflections’ acro (acrobatics) classes. Learn safe practices for inversions from cartwheels to aerial flips.

Hip Hop

In a form constantly evolving, Reflections’ hip hop focuses on precision and musicality. Dancers learn to find their own voice among popular trends, getting their individual groove on while developing hard-hitting hip hop technique.


A percussive dance form characterized by tap shoes, Reflections’ tap classes focus on rhythm, musicality and footwork.


Syncopated rhythm, isolations, improvisation, and high energy are key identifying characteristics of jazz dance. Other elements of jazz dance include high levels of strength, style and sass.


Looking for a more disciplined dance form with history that roots back to the 15th Century? Ballet may be just what you’re looking for! Emphasizing extension, strength, balance and flexibility, studying ballet often helps dancers excel in other dance forms.

Musical Theater

Combining acting and musicality with stylized movement inspired by Broadway legends, musical theater builds up dancers’ sharp lines as well as their charisma.

Dance for Pre-Schoolers

For ages 4-6, this class incorporates two different dance forms to give your child a more cohesive introduction to dance.

Creative Movement

For ages 2.5-4, this class helps toddlers and young children learn basic motor skills and early concepts of dance, focusing on the principles of memorization, repetition, listening, discipline, coordination and fun! Each week students stretch and practice dance moves like skipping and twirling, and classes culminate with a dance routine.


Invite-only, pointe class is a continuation of our ballet classes. For advanced ballet dancers, this style is characterized by the hard-toe pointe shoe.